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The Ducal Palace

The Ducal Palace was the seat of the Este court between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, and after the unification of Italy, the Palace houses the prestigious Military Academy in Modena.

The building, one of the most important princely palaces of the seventeenth century, was built starting in 1634 on the site of the ancient castle of Este, which in medieval times was located at the edge of the city: in only a result of the enlargement of the city walls built by Duke Hercules the castle came to occupy a symbolic position, between the medieval center of the town and the new quarters of the ducal capital straights. The work, initially entrusted to the architect Gaspare Vigarani were later carried out by Bartolomeo Avanzini, but it seems that the project has been undergone by the supervision of Gian Lorenzo Bernini: the great architect seems to have participated in the creation of a work that reveals in a unit style, a baroque solemn and elegant.


(fonte it.wikipedia.org)

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