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Museum of Volley - Volley Modena

The museum was opened to the public on 15 December 2006 at Palazzo Santa Margherita which also houses the Library Dolphins, Galleria Civica and the Institute of Musical Studies O. Old - A. Tonelli.

Opened in September 2010 on the initiative of Antonio Panini (son of Giuseppe Panini, entrepreneur and owner of the historic volleyball Modena), the Museum of International Volleyball picks up as it helped to write the history of volleyball in Modena, and other cities.

There are objects and memories from former players, clubs, fans who have decided to share objects and testimonies of their own career, including: game jerseys from different eras of Italian and foreign teams, clothing, games, Olympic medals, trophies, pennants, posters and a video library that has more than 500 movies and games of the National club. It is located outside Modena, between Marzaglia and Novigrad.


(fonte it.wikipedia.org)

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