Theatre Storchi

The theater is named after Gaetano Storchi, a wealthy merchant from Modena who financed its construction. Is on a site of the new building area calculated from the construction of the barrier Garibaldi (1884), as a result of killing door Bologna (1882). The location of the theater influenced the singular original structure of the building, which features a double-sided: to the north is the main facade, which faces on to Piazza Garibaldi, while that from the west side overlooks Viale Martyrs of Liberty, once the walking the walls, and is the work of the Masters.

The building was born on the basis of a particularly sophisticated project, which included utility rooms, reduced rooms, smoking rooms, cafes; however, the realization took place in economy, on a ground that appears unstable from the beginning, and above all with the use of poor materials that soon compromised its stability. To this we owe the numerous subsequent renovations and recovery of the building. Among the most important are the reconstruction of the roof and the modification of the curvature of the room by the engineer Luigi Sfondrini from Milan; the restoration of the exterior with reconstruction of the plaster and the cornices of 1929, and a subsequent intervention on the room in 1931.