Museum of Figurine

The Museum of the figurine is born of the passionate work of collecting Giuseppe Panini, founder in 1961 of the company of Panini along with his brothers Benito, Franco Cosimo and Umberto.

The museum was opened to the public on 15 December 2006, in the Palazzo Santa Margherita which also houses the Delfini Library, the Civic Gallery and the O. Vecchi – A. Tonelli Higher Institute of Musical Studies.

The six cabinets of the Museum, six large albums to leaf through, trace the entire history of the figurine from before to today: 2,500 pieces including prints and original objects, part of the museum’s heritage of about 500,000 copies. Alongside the actual stickers, there are also collections of cigarette cards, cigar bands, matchboxes, menus, hotel labels, barber calendars and letter-closing stamps.